Monday, November 06, 2006

Keith & Melody Martin August 12th, 2006

Keith and Melody were the first people to ask me to shoot their wedding. They booked me after convincing me that I could shoot their wedding and do a good job. They also were my first engagement shoot. They were the first wedding I booked but they ended up being the second wedding I shot. God is so awesome.

Keith & Melody you guys were the whole reason I started shooting weddings. Thank you so much for your belief in me as a photographer. You are awesome! Thanks for letting me shoot your very special day. God bless you guys and your marriage.

You can see their pictures online go to
then register with pictage

Reese turns 2!

I had a great time following Reese around and taking her picture. She made it easy to get some great shots. These pictures were taken in June for her 2nd birthday!
Thank you Janelle and Matt for being patient with me and letting me play around and try to capture Reese having fun. Thank you Janelle for being such an awesome piano teacher to Kimberly & Kaeleigh. We love you guys!

Buster Brown likes to play in the tent too!

Reese a precious gift from above!

You can see more of Reese by going to:

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Wow! I had not realized it had been so long since my last post. A lot of changes have happened to my family and me since my last post.

On Sunday May 28th, 2006 my little sister Christel Joy Conley went home to be with Jesus. Nothing can prepare you for the loss of someone you love. My family and I are thankful for 19 years we had with her here on earth. We know that she is singing and whistling up with Jesus. Our family continues to be thankful for the prayers from family and friends as we grieve and miss Christel.

Then the other big change to our family happened on Thursday July 13, 2006. We added three new members to our household. After much prayer we decided to go for guardianship of Kimberly and Kaeleigh's younger brother and sisters as the home situation continued to worsen. We are still in the legal process of that, but we do have temporary guardianship right now. All of the kids are adjusting well. We are excited to see the changes already in the kids since they came to live with us.
Things are starting to settle down and I am getting my schedule worked out now. So I am hoping to keep this updated better.


Friday, March 31, 2006

How Many Kitties do you see?

A few weeks ago my Mom called me into the living room where we had been keeping the kittens. This is what I saw...

How many kittens can you see?
Not counting the one that has miss matched pj's on. LOL!

I guess I should not be surprised at finding her sleeping in the kittens box with them she use to tell me she was going to grow and be a dog. Kaeleigh said the kitties looked lonely so she got in the box to sleep with them. If you have not figured out how many kittens there are four.

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Gilbert & Suzie

I am ready to release the pictures from my first wedding. Here is a sneak peek! The pictures should be available sometime today on pictage. Thanks for everyone's help and support. Congratulations to Gilbert & Suzie. Thank you for your patience.

Okay! Here it is. You go to:
Under Find Your Event enter:
Suzie & Gilbert
Click on the event and if you have not registered you will need to.
Have Fun!

Saturday, March 11, 2006


A great BIG Thank you to Gilbert & Suzie for letting me take their wedding pictures. You guys were awesome. You made it very easy shooting my first wedding. I had a lot of fun and I look forward to posting some of the pictures here soon.

Jadeyn Marie

This is one of my most favorite little persons to shoot. Jadeyn is my 15 month old niece and she spends her days seeing what she can get into. What a blessing to have her as part of our family.

The first three pics were taken June of 2005. It has almost been 9 months. I know that these are not recent photos, but these are some of my favorite because of her expressions on her face are priceless.

The last two pictures were taken in Febuary of this year. She is just so funny. I thought this was cute so I snapped a few quick pictures.